About Global Community Consulting

There is no doubt that with 21st Century technology and high speed travel the world is indeed a global community. The world has never seen such mass movement of people across borders and oceans as we see today, and increasingly we see the human effects on the planet and realise that the world we all share is actually quite small. As a consulting service that specialises in international migration, both through choice or by force, the trading name of Global Community Consulting was the obvious choice.

In addition, owner and principal consultant, Greg Turner is a strong advocate for community psychology which is the study and understanding of people in context with their culture, environment and ecological and historical influences. As a specialist transcultural psychologist Greg utilises ecological approaches that respects the dynamic nature of culture, and the issues facing people as they become exposed to cultural change, whether this is in their own country or as they migrate around the world.  

Global Community Consulting is a service for all organisations, government or non-government, humanitarian services and businesses that operate within and across the global community.       

Owner and Principal Consultant

Greg Turner is a registered General Psychologist experienced in working with individuals, families, and communities from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Since 1999 Greg has specialised in the field of transcultural mental health and since 2014 has focused on refugee mental health.  Greg is one of Australia’s leading educators in the field of cultural  transition, acculturative stress and transcultural mental health and this was recognised through his inaugural membership of the Executive of Mental Health in Multicultural Australia in 2011 and the granting of an academic title of Lecture with the University of Queensland, School of Medicine for 9 years. Greg has held senior positions in the public and private sector as an educator, consultant and clinician.  Greg is passionate about delivering a professional service that meets the unique needs of the migration and settlement field in general and the Humanitarian sector specifically.

Greg is also highly skilled in disaster recovery and can provide professional counselling for groups, individuals and families affected by trauma, as well as providing consultancy and training on psychological trauma and recovery. Greg is a Harvard graduate completing the internationally acclaimed Certificate in Global Mental Health Trauma and Recovery program in 2012.

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