GCC can provide the following professional services.

Advice on international migration & support

GCC is well positioned to provide high level professional advice on international migration and support utilising the latest contemporary evidence base combined with the practical experience possessed by GCC consultants. 

GCC has worked with international organisations operating across the globe. GCC understands confidentiality and the sensitive nature of humanitarian and business arrangements across and within countries.  

Acculturation programs

GCC can provide acculturation programs for the international workforce and their families. 

Ddownload Cultural Transition Services brochure

Intercultural Consulting

GCC is available to discuss the particular needs of organisations and develop solutions that are viable and sustaining. 

Intercultural education and training

GCC consultants have extensive experience and are widely acknowledged as leaders in the field of intercultural education and training

Employee Assistance Programs

GCC has professional registered psychologists who know the needs of industry, have expertise in working with people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, have a lived experience of the demands of a mobile workforce and remote living.

GCC has developed and delivered EAP programs for Humanitarian staff working internationally including Papua New Ginea and was the sole EAP provider for refugee settlement support staff on Nauru from January 2015 to december 2016.

Staff training and development programs

GCC is able to design, develop and deliver tailor made training programs that suit the needs of the employer and the workforce. Download 2017 Professional Development Program.

Trauma recovery services

The principal consultant of GCC is a graduate of the acclaimed Harvard Global Mental Health Trauma and Recovery program and is a trainer in the Skills for Psychological Recovery following natural disasters. He has extensive experience of 18 years working clinically with asylum seekers and refugees in Australia and overseas.

Program evaluations

GCC is also available to evaluate existing programs to ensure they are achieving the intended outcomes.  Greg Turner has led reviews of asylum seeker and refugee welfare services in overseas countries and has conducted numerous reviews, evaluations in both the general mental health and transcultural mental health fields.